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Natural Gas Production in Tennessee

ENREMA was founded in 2011 as the operator to manage a natural gas production project in the counties of Morgan, Fentress and Pickett in Tennessee. Through acquisitions of producing assets (pipelines/wells) and an aggressive mineral leasing campaign, ENREMA has secured a very competitive position in the area. During the fist stages of the project, ENREMA drilled two shale gas wells, one of which was a horizontal well with multi-stage frack completions, which was done in order to demonstrate the area's production potential. When the price of gas fell, management shifted the focus of the company's production from gas to oil. We began performing several tests on our oil wells as an effort to better understand what drives production in the reservoir. One of the tests performed was a nitrogen stimulation, where liquid nitrogen was pumped down the well. This test allowed the well to produce 40 barrels in 1 day, seemingly better than the average 1 barrel per day production of most wells in the area. In performing this test, we discovered that when energy is applied to a formation, which as been producing for 30+ years, it can produce more than its original, unaltered potential. ENREMA is headquartered in Miami, Florida and has operational offices in Knoxville, Tennessee and Sunbright, Tennessee.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce the highest quality oil and gas while being socially and environmentally responsible. We strive to build long-lasting and honest relationships with our clients.

The ENREMA Philosophy

ENREMA was built on the philosophy that we can bring life back into Tennessee oil and gas production by using new age technologies and secondary recovery techniques.

Our Promise

We promise to continue to be innovative, environmentally responsible and to explore all possibilities for expansion and growth.


From the Beginning

Enhanced Recovery Project

Since ENREMA controls several gas wells in the area, as well as the necessary transmission lines to transport it, a decision was made to implement an Enhanced Recovery project on a small test reservoir. With 1 gas injector well and 1 oil producing well, we proved that within a couple of months time, the production could be increased by 5 fold. With the added benefit that gas could be stored underground and most recovered and marketed afterwards, along with a low-priced gas market scenario, this led ENREMA down the path of implementing Secondary Recovery of its existing oil fields using its own gas production means.

Oil Field Acquisitions

In August 2013, ENREMA discovered a new oil field in Fentress County, Tennessee. Thirteen wells were drilled in this field and in December 2014 we began a Secondary Recovery and pressure maintenance project in this field. In November 2014, ENREMA purchased the Tennessee assets of Miller Energy Resources, which consisted of, among other things, 710 wells. This acquisition positioned ENREMA as the biggest operator in Tennessee both by well and acreage count, as well as in the top 3 for production. ENREMA is presently the largest privately held oil and gas operator in the state of Tennessee.


A Network through TN

Our 50-mile long transportation pipeline delivers natural gas to the utility company which services the towns of Albany, Kentucky and Byrdstown, Tennessee.

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