Mineral Leases

ENREMA, LLC has a large mineral lease position. Currently we have 130,000 acres leased in the northeast of Tennessee and we continue increasing the acreage in specific zones with oil & gas development potential.

Integrated Projects

Currently we are working on projects in conventional oil development, primary and secondary recovery, conventional gas development, shale gas development and transportation of natural gas. ENREMA, LLC is the only operator in this area with possibility to perform an integrated project using its own pipeline to transport natural gas and as an energy source develop secondary recovery of oil in existing areas and making several gas storage in the same moment.

Low Cost

Due to the shallow depth of productive horizons (usually between 1,000 and 3,000 feet), low price of mineral leases and the use of new technologies, the development and production cost are very low in this area. This combination allows to develop oil & gas projects with very satisfactory economic results.


ENREMA, LLC has technical knowledge and local expertise to perform development plans. Our database is the largest database in the state of Tennessee and has information of 14,000+ wells drilled in the areas of interest, which is currently undergoing the geological studies for each pay-zone of different producer field. ENREMA, LLC is the largest operator of oil and conventional gas wells in the northeast of Tennessee. The project to increase oil & conventional gas production has 4 components:

Drilling wells in new areas to find virgin pressure to develop with vertical and horizontal wells, reactivation existing wells, implement secondary recovery projects in several existing oil fields using the gas pipeline as an energy source with the correspondent authorizations from the EPA and Oil & Gas Board of Tennessee. Currently there is one active project and additional five in the study or permit process, and business ventures with other local Operators.

Shale Development

Chattanooga shale has proven to be a gas producer in the northeast of Tennessee.

Chattanooga shale is present in all ENREMA, LLC acreage, where the depth varies between 1,500 to 3,500 ft (to the west). We have drilled two wells: one horizontal multi-frack (15 stages) and one vertical with large foam-fracking. Both wells are in evaluation to compare their economy and decide the convenient development.

A study performed by Schlumberger indicated more than 1,500 BCF of “Gas in situ (GIS)” in the ENREMA, LLC acreage.

Conasagua group is present in Kentucky, northeast of Tennesse and is extending into Alabama. Currently Conasagua group is being explored by large companies. It’s present in most of the ENREMA, LLC acreage with depths between 6,000 to 8,000 feet. Until now, it’s considered a potential.